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About Us

 Appliance Services Broward County 

 Appliance Services Broward County has been providing quality service to Hollywood and the South Florida area for over 10 years. Our experienced staff are dedicated to delivering superior customer service, using the latest industry technology, and providing top-notch appliance repairs with a focus on detail. We strive to leave our customers with a feeling of complete satisfaction, with each and every visit.

Appliance Repair Mobile Services. Broward County, FL.

We are a local appliance repair service company located in Hollywood, FL. Our mobile repair service comes fully equipped with parts for any appliance we repair. Our repair team services all of Broward County, Florida. We specialize in refrigerator, washer & dryer, oven, and dishwasher repair. We are experts in fixing, repairing, and installing appliances of any kind. Our mobile service offers same-day service, so customers can get their refrigerator issue resolved in the same day without losing any of their stored food or supplies.

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  • Washer will not spin

  • Loud noise is being made by washer

  • Washer will not agitate

  • Washer will not empty

  • Washer shaking or vibrating

  • Washer fills

  • Washer will not begin

  • Washer will not spin or agitate

  • Washer overflowing

  • Lid or washer door will not lock

  • Mid cycle stops


  • Fridge water dispenser not functioning

  • Fridge ice dispenser not functioning

  • Fridge not defrosting

  • Fridge is loud or noisy

  • Fridge freezer is chilly but fridge is warm

  • Fridge leaking water

  • Fridge food that is freezing

  • Fridge water and ice dispenser not functioning

  • Fridge light not working

  • Fridge runs continuously

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