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Ways you may cause damage to your appliances

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

It is important to be aware of ways you may cause damage to your appliances to avoid costly repairs in the future. Many appliance failures are caused by avoidable mistakes we make, despite the fact that sometimes appliances fail in ways we cannot control. In a way, your home appliances are an extension of yourself and your ability to function on a daily basis.  Appliance Repair Broward County are the experts to call for appliance repair services and more.

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The following behaviors and misbehaviors can damage the relationship between you and your appliances: 

Ignoring instructions from the manufacturer

As appliances become more and more complex, manufacturers rely on consumers to actually read their manuals and instructions. A broken appliance is only a matter of time if you ignore them. If an electrical appliance causes a fire, disregarding a manufacturer's warning is the worst thing you can do.

Self-installing a complex appliance

Putting in a large appliance can be exciting, but that's no excuse to ignore safety precautions. For the appliance to function safely and efficiently, it should be installed by a professional.

Failure to perform regular maintenance

The lack of regular maintenance is a big problem that all of us encounter from time to time if we become lazy. Fortunately, prevention is better than cure, and maintaining your appliance will protect your home and your loved ones from damage. More than half of homeowners surveyed said they neglect at least one of their home appliances, with only 45% saying they maintain them regularly.

Disregarding the filters

The hood and the ventilation system of your stove are grease traps that accumulate over time and cause fires. Furthermore, dirty vents cause the mechanical components to work harder, resulting in a more sweaty kitchen smell than a tasty meal. To ensure your family consumes healthy products and is safe, you should clean filters all across your appliances!

Allowing your dryer lint to accumulate

Dryer Lint Accumulation: this is a huge no-no that can easily cause a fire that destroys your entire home. Most dryer owners surveyed admitted to forgetting to clean their dryers for a while. The National Fire Protection Association says lint piled up in the catcher or vent pipe is the leading cause of fires.

Leaving mold unattended

A common problem with home appliances, such as front-loading washing machines, is mold. Mold can build up on many things that use water and get wet, though some are more prone than others. Allow as much air as possible to circulate through the washing machine after usage to avoid this. After using a dishwasher, leave the door open somewhat and select the heat-dry option before doing the dishes.

Dishwasher overloading

It's common for dishwashers to burn out early from overloading. Baby boomers were the number-one group surveyed who admitted to overloading their appliances. Overstressed parts will not only wear out faster, but won't be able to do the job they were designed to do efficiently as well!

Too much soap is being used

In terms of cleaning agents, people tend to think more is better when it comes to using too much soap. However, this is rarely the case, and too much soap can interfere with your household appliances' mechanical components by forming a film. Additionally, wearing clothing impregnated with soap all day is not healthy for your skin! Be sure to read the labels and research what soaps work best for what you're trying to accomplish.

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