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Ice Maker Repair

Ice Maker Repair | Local Company | Appliance Repair Broward County

Here are some ice maker problems and ice maker repair solutions. Try it before you call a repairman/technician.

Problem: Ice is not ejecting.

Probable Cause 1: The control arm is probably in the off position.

Probable Repair 1: Simple. Move the metal control arm to down or to the on position.

Probable Cause 2: Motor, gearbox, or electrical connection.

Probable Repair 2: Remove the ice from the mold. Slide the refrigerator out. Disconnect the refrigerator from the power. Turn off the water supply valve. Unplug the ice maker (inside the freezer) and reconnect it. Turn on the water supply valve. Connect the refrigerator to the power. Lift the ice maker control arm to the off position. Lower the control arm down (operation will start in about 15 seconds and ice will be ready in about 4 hours). Check if the ice ejects. If not, the motor or gearbox are probably need replacement.

Problem: Ice maker is not making ice.

Probable Cause 1: Clog in the supply line, usually frozen water in the line.

Repair 1: Simple. Slide the refrigerator and unplug it. Turn the water valve off. Pour warm water over the water line, or just defrost for about 3 hours. Plug the refrigerator and listen if the water fills the ice mold.

Probable Cause 2: The ice maker's water filter is clogged.

Repair 2: Replace the water filter.

Problem: Ice Cubes are bigger or smaller than usual.

Probable Cause 1: The ice maker needs water adjustment.

Probable Repair 1: Remove the cover from the ice maker. Turn the screw toward the minus symbol to decrease the amount of water (smaller cubes), or toward the plus to increase the amount of water (larger cubes).

Ice Maker Repair | Local Company | Appliance Repair Broward County

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